A Multi sided, Data centric, Scalable, Digital Supply Chain Platform aiming to disrupt the traditional business models


What we are

HaulMatic is a Sri Lankan technology provider building an open platform to digitize Global Trade and Supply Chain operations. This entails the digitization and convergence of the flow of information, material, money, risk and value. The platform is designed to deliver horizontal integration and visibility with collaboration tools for actors spread across multiple organisations. The product enables business forecasting, planning, communications, negotiations, contracts, assignments and analytics with a virtual ecosystem with marketplaces.

What we do

The HaulMatic's vision and mission is to facilitate all types of trading in a many-to-many ecosystem, enabling P2P trade within a country and across borders with less friction, greater visibility and complete transparency. The Company envisions to maximise the network effect by integrating diverse participants, provide a democratic model that lowers barriers to entry for all, facilitate unique value propositions and foster competition based on the strength of participants’ value discipline.