A Multi sided, Data centric, Scalable, Digital Supply Chain Platform aiming to disrupt the traditional business models


What we are

HaulMatic is a Sri Lankan Tech Startup building an open platform to digitize Global Trade and Supply Chain operations. This entails the digitization and convergence of the flow of information, material, money, risk and value. The platform is designed to deliver horizontal integration and visibility with collaboration tools for actors spread across multiple organisations. The product enables business forecasting, planning, communications, negotiations, contracts, assignments and analytics with a virtual ecosystem with marketplaces.

What we do

The HaulMatic's vision and mission is to facilitate all types of trading in a many-to-many ecosystem, enabling P2P trade within a country and across borders with less friction, greater visibility and complete transparency. The Company envisions to maximise the network effect by integrating diverse participants, provide a democratic model that lowers barriers to entry for all, facilitate unique value propositions and foster competition based on the strength of participants’ value discipline.



Board of Directors

Dr. Rafiul Ahad

Dr. Rafiul Ahad is the Vice President of software development at Oracle Corporation, USA. He has 28 years of experience in the software industry in various roles including software developer, software architect, software development manager, and software product executive at Hewlett-Packard (7 years) and Oracle (21 years). He led the development of six commercial enterprise products, three of which are from scratch. As a software executive, he was in charge of product management, product development, performance engineering, quality assurance, and release management, to successfully launch and grow the revenue of new products. One product, the Oracle Application Server Wireless Edition, saw revenue growth of USD 20 million in the first four quarters during his watch. Another product, Oracle Beehive Collaboration product, is being used inside Oracle to support the entire company’s collaboration needs including email, voice mail, chat, calendar, conferencing, and workspaces.

He is currently involved in performance engineering of Oracle Service Cloud and its migration to Kubernetes-based environment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Before joining the software industry, Rafiul was Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the University of Maryland at College Park for four years. While working in the software industry, he was also an Adjunct Professor at Santa Clara University for seven years.

Rafiul has published four peer-reviewed papers in prestigious academic journals and presented eight refereed papers in international conferences. He was a keynote speaker in several industry conferences both in the United States and abroad. He was a member of the Board of Directors for OSGi from 2002 to 2004 and a member of the Executive Advisory Board, UCLA Wireless Internet for the Enterprise Consortium. He has been granted ten patents in software technology, the latest in 2018 on autonomic cloud.

Nipuna Jayathilake

Entrepreneur and results focused professional with a 17 year industry experience in Finance & Assurance, Consulting, Lean Management, Digital Health and Genomics with a track record in providing leadership and thought to action operational direction.

Nipuna is well experienced with challenges of new business startups and leading teams in developing innovative solutions and implementing disruptive business ideas from thoughts to results and from vision to reality.

Buddhi De Silva

Technologist, innovator and an entrepreneur with 18 year of wide spectrum industry exposure in information technology & business consulting. Extensive experience in technology startups with disruptive business models, from idea generation to technological and business implementations in Sri Lanka and across Asia.

Buddhi is conversant in bridging the gap between technology and business realms and helping the tech and business teams to model disruptive ideas into real world disruptive solutions. He's passionate on developing products and solutions with positive social and environmental impact.