Supply Chain 4.0

We help organisations to simplify their complex Supply Chain operations by harnessing the power of Algorithms, IoT, Big-data and Machine Intelligence. HaulMatic delivers lateral connectivity to multi party operations and granular visibility to task completion through multiple points of verification, from factory floor to warehouse to the port.

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From Chaos

Globalisation, increased product complexity, need for the social responsibility and quality compliances have plunged the already complex supply chain operations into a chaos. Adding more resources and advanced systems that operate within the walls of the organisation’s data doesn’t seem to help since critical information required for success lies beyond those walls and low horizontal and vertical visibility, disintegration, no-single version of truth and eventually the reactive decision making continues to plague the organisations.

To Order

HaulMatic envisions to facilitate all types of global trading through a many-to-many ecosystem, enabling P2P trade within a country and across borders with less friction, greater visibility and greater transparency. We are on a mission to digitize various supply chain activities by on boarding various stakeholders on to the platform and maximize the network effect by integrating diverse participants. Platform is built to provide a democratic model that lowers barriers to entry for all, facilitate unique value propositions and foster competition based on the strength of participants’ value discipline.

End to End

From Make-to-stock, Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-cash, supply chains today span globally and they are networked with multiple business partners who are working on different aspects of the business. Since planning decisions should be based on what is happening now, not yesterday or last week and execution needs up-to-date actionable information, only a connected, intelligent supply chain can meet the need. HaulMatic is on a mission to digitize supply chain operations and vertically and horizontally integrate them to deliver a single, shared view of the big picture, from start to finish.

Single Window

HaulMatic's Global Single Window is building and picking up its momentum with the on boarding of various stakeholders of global supply chain operations, one stakeholder-group at a time. We are on a mission to digitize all the stakeholders in global trading and their collaborative efforts on to a single platform. We are developing a new protocol, open standards, cross organizational workflows, a messaging system, planning tools, marketing models and an information system to replace the traditional model of trade.

P2P Trade

Physical supply chains move material but trade is not complete without moving the money across the supply chain. Our mission entails the digitization of the flow of information, material and money by digitizing and merging these elements to provide a single view of the flow of value to the parties of a contract who are spread across the globe. We envision a new trading ecosystem that enables people to trade with each other, from any corner of the world, without trust and without intermediaries.

We got everyone, covered!


National Single Windows, Government Agencies and Regulators can seamlessly connect with HaulMatic and facilitate global trade by enabling Importers and Exporters to work with a single submission of data. We envision a new trading model that removes the confusing and overlapping requirements, often including redundant, repetitive and outdated mechanisms. HaulMatic’s platform has a role for all the key stakeholders in trade.

Freight Forwarders

Achieve faster movement of shipments through formalities and gain higher levels of productivity and utilization of resources. Access information from a single, shared, immutable source. Accurately schedule cargo collection, discharge times and locations. Directly collaborate with parties across the supply chain for improved shipment planning and better service delivery. Conduct end-to-end audits and increase invoice accuracy.

Importers & Exporters

Plan and track shipments from start to finish. Be it meeting an LC deadline, meeting compliance or multi party collaboration for smooth completion of work, HaulMatic provides the right tools to get the jobs done. Find buyers and suppliers through intelligent matching with requirements. Collaboratively plan shipments, engage internal and external stakeholders and achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.

Transportation Providers

Receive structured business requirements from customers, collaboratively plan your freight jobs. Directly connect with customers via a single interface to collaboratively plan, negotiate terms and enter in to contracts. Direct the operations team with precise instructions to get the jobs done right, the first time. Know the profitability of your operation and ensure it's running like a well-oiled machine.

Seaports & Airports

Integrate securely with private-sector stakeholders and improve efficiency and competitiveness within the sea and airport communities. Link up with the importers, exporters and service providers via EDI's and API's for to optimize, manage and automate smooth port and logistics procedures. Establish connectivity to an immutable single source of data and support zero data redundancy and single data submission.

Chambers of Commerce

Issue Blockchain based electronic certificates of origin (eCOs) and improve transparency and security. Connect with a network of supply chain stakeholders, receive information submissions digitally, achieve visibility in to the actual operations, generate digital certificates, embed onto a distributed ledger and provide permissioned access to Customs, Trade Financiers and any other parties that need to access.

What we offer

Powerful tools backed by big data and machine learning

With powerful tools and machine intelligence, HaulMatic delivers actionable information required to make instant decisions to your fingertips. Trade tacit knowledge for HaulMatic's fast learning systems. Create consistency and predictability to drive profitability.

Increased accuracy and reduced redundancy

Gain lateral visibility across siloed operations through horizontal integration. Benefit from reduced data duplication and errors in documentation, compliance, procedures and transport instructions by working on a single data source for multiple tasks.

Supply chain management

Establish control at the point of execution. Enable actors to forecast, plan, communicate, negotiate, contract, assign, monitor, invoice and analyse your contracted jobs. Receive actionable information and reports with KPI's that help you to optimize efficiency and profitability.

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