Supply Chain 4.0

We help organisations to simplify their complex Supply Chain operations by harnessing the power of Algorithms, IoT, Big-data and Machine Intelligence. HaulMatic delivers lateral connectivity to multi party operations and granular visibility to task completion through multiple points of verification, from factory floor to warehouse to the port.

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TMS for Importers & Exporters

Plan and track your shipments from start to finish. Be it meeting an LC deadline, meeting compliance or multi party collaboration for smooth completion of work, HaulMatic provides you the right tools to get the jobs done.

Fleet Manager for Transporters

Plan your transport jobs easily and collaboratively. Direct the teams with precise instructions to get the jobs done right, the first time. Know the profitability of your fleet and ensure it's running like a well oiled machine.

Forecast. Plan. Communicate. Negotiate. Contract. Assign. Monitor. Invoice. Analyse.

What we offer

Powerful tools backed by big data and machine learning

With powerful tools and machine intelligence, HaulMatic delivers actionable information required to make instant decisions to your fingertips. Trade tacit knowledge for HaulMatic's fast learning systems. Create consistency and predictability to drive profitability.

Increased accuracy and reduced redundancy

Gain lateral visibility across siloed operations through horizontal integration. Benefit from reduced data duplication and errors in documentation, compliance, procedures and transport instructions by working on a single data source for multiple tasks.

Transportation business management

Establish control at the point of execution by being able to forecast, plan, communicate, negotiate, contract, assign, monitor, invoice and analyse your transport jobs. Receive actionable information and reports with KPI's that help you to optimize efficiency and profitability.

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